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Hi, I'm Maximilian.I work as a Front-End Developer & Digital Designer.


My name is Maximilian. I work as a Front-End Developer and Designer at SNK in Munich.

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Transforming Ideas into Exceptional Digital Experiences.


I work as a Front-End Developer for over 10 years and have successfully implemented many projects. I develop websites and web apps using modern technologies and frameworks such as Next.js and Svelte. I prioritize performance and accessibility.

Digital Design

Through my two apprenticeships as a media designer and as a specialist in application development, I have acquired a broad knowledge in the areas of design and development. I love designing and developing websites and apps that not only look good but also work well.

UX & Solutions

Having seen various projects evolve over the years, I have gained experience in identifying potential pitfalls and preventing them right from the beginning. It is my goal to ensure that your project learns from my experiences, enhancing its chances of achieving optimal results.


A Selection of my Design and Development Projects

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